Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Unlike Any Other Hat You've Ever Put On.

Everyone wants a Happy Head...

that's why The BABUSHKA is more than a hat...and Deremiah *CPE...
the guy who invented Be BABUSHKA HAPPY...wouldn't dare call it
a hat...he calls it a "Happy Thinking Cap!". 


Because the Happy Thinking Cap's different. It was invented to make you SMILE just like our two Aussie Fans below. 

No other hat was Created to make you SMILE. 

That's why our BABUSHKA Customers... never talk about how the 
BABUSHKA Happy Thinking Cap makes them SMILE

...they Just BRAG about it...

Putting their BABUSHKA's on...and stepping in front of the camera to 
Show-Off is a common response to letting everyone know...

"They Got that HAPPY FEELING".

When you finally get a chance to pull your BABUSHKA over your Beautiful Head, you'll be SMILING just like this...

                      TWO Pink BABUSHKA Wearing AUSSIE QUEENS


The BABUSHKA HAPPY THINKING CAP not only protects your head but our users say it's a touch point. 

The kind of touch point that makes them SMILE real BIG a First Grader on the playground during Recess. 

Every time they touch the "Happy Thinking Cap" 

You're Thinking..."Happy Thoughts"...

You're Doing..."The Happy Dance"...

You're Being...BABUSHKA HAPPY!

Isn't it time you put some HAPPINESS On! 

That's why we Love to ask...Sooo who else want's to Be BABUSHKA HAPPY? 

And the answers always...We Do!

Because it's a Great Day to "BE BABUSHKA HAPPY".

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