Sunday, April 8, 2012

When Deremiah *CPE says "Be BABUSHKA HAPPY" what does he actually mean?...and what is a BABUSHKA from his point of view?

The BABUSHKA is a word with many traditional roots but in all cases it keeps pointing back to a loving and endearing quality. Whether you are speaking of a Beautiful and most Adorable Grandmother, a lovely headscarf or a cherished Doll you're on the right track when you begin to think of endearing.  That's what my magical headgear you adorn yourself with means to me...which is why I call it..."Your HAPPY Thinking Cap" Deremiah *CPE

Here's a picture of one of my Australian Customers in there's.

People everywhere are saying BE BABUSHKA HAPPY Makes Your HEAD SMILE.


Now you can Jump start your day!

When you're feeling crappy by choosing to Be BABUSHKA HAPPY.

Why be BABUSHKA Happy with Deremiah *CPE and follow this world class inspirational speaker on Facebook, Twitter, BlogTalk Radio and

Because he has a level of energy that can not be matched...Well that is unless you chose to invest in yourself by getting one of his newly designed "BE BABUSHKA HAPPY" thinking caps. That's right! Right NOW you can change your own self-esteem in an instant when you sport the new BABUSHKA Thinking Cap.

This is the same AMAZING ---BABUSHKA--- that Deremiah *CPE says "When I put it on it makes me feel like...Like I"M READY BABY!!! I feel like I can do anything".

DEREMIAH *CPE once a child from the Dark, dismal world of poverty finally gained the courage to move through welfare lines with his single family Mom as he had to overcome his battle with depression and thoughts of Suicide.

Now he's become the undisputed inspirational King of Happiness wearing his BABUSHKA as a symbol of his crown of VICTORY.

The Nightingale Conant Acres of Diamonds Award Winner who has received endorsements for his powerful inspirational presentations, from Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Les Brown and Nido Qubein to name a few has created this ambitious campaign in the heart of a recession to remind everyone that HAPPINESS is a CHOICE.

Your decision to get your own BABUSHKA will remind everyone who believes that this is a down economy to LOOK UP and SMILE.

Now you know you have to admit that anyone who can overcome Depression as a 16 year old teenager and then BEAT SUICIDE deserves to inspire the world to raise their self-esteem to new levels. That's why we're chosing Deremiah *CPE's BABUSHKA as a Flag Ship for the successful.

Today he sports the BE BABUSHKA HAPPY look everywhere he goes to not only remind himself but to remind you too of the JOY you can find in a HAPPY Life devoted to Love. So get your BABUSHKA right NOW. Why wait? When you can BE BABUSHKA HAPPY!!!

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